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How To Decorate Your Staircases

When you’re thinking of decorating your space, you probably have tons of ideas about how you want your kitchen or living room to look, but what about smaller spaces? Your staircase can be a huge focal point in your home. Here are a few ways to spruce up that space and make your house feel more like home. Whether you choose one option or multiple, decorating your staircase can transform your home.

The wall by your staircase is a blank canvas for you to create art on. Whether it's with your favorite paintings or family portraits, adding frames can liven up the small area. You can also incorporate a point of interest with wicker baskets, mirrors, or other art pieces. If you have the ability, create shelving in or on the wall where the stairs wrap. Here you will be able to showcase your favorite books, pictures or novelties. Some homeowners also add a pop of color with a fun wallpaper style on the wall of the staircase.

Adding a stair runner can not only increase safety but also add a pop of color to this space. Runners can help prevent a slip and fall down the stairs and provide an opportunity to add some style. Whether that be a playful pattern or a neutral tone, adding runners can bring a cozy ambiance to a small space. Runners also take up less space on the stair than carpets do, leaving the stair exposed at the ends. Adding a matching rug at the top or bottom of the stairs can also emphasize this area.

The risers on your staircase are typically very plain. Spruce them up by painting them with a fun color or creating a pattern. Doing so can transform a boring focal point in your home into a beautiful masterpiece. Some ways to do this would be to paint them or add riser stickers, wallpaper, tiles or fabric.

This next idea might not be for everyone, especially if you have young children or pets at home. If your staircase does not have balusters and a handrail, you can add items to the end of the steps on the end away from the wall and open to the room. Plants, sculptures and frames are common items added to the end of stairs. However, be sure to keep any decorations out of reach of any young children or pets you have at home. You can also add furniture grips on the bottom of these items to prevent them from moving or getting knocked over.