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How to Dri Fit Stair Treads

In order to dry fit the stair treads, follow the following steps:

  1. Rip treads to allow 1"–11 /8" overhang (check local codes)
  2. On a miter returned tread, this may involve remitering the return or finishing the rip with a hand saw.
  3. For a stairway open on one side, follow the same steps as described for trimming the starting step to length, i.e., scribe, trim, butt, measure, rescribe and trim.
  4. Treads installed between two walls would be trimmed in the same manner as described in the riser section.

After you complete these steps, the stair carriage is now complete and ready for installation of the balustrade. Braced and blocked stringers are in place; riser and skirt board are permanently mounted. The treads and starting step are just dry fitted to allow installation of starting newel and for notching of treads as other newels are installed.