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Ready-To-Install 6519 Wooden Handrail Fittings

Do you want to use 6519 three-layer handrails on your staircase project? StairPartPros doesn’t just carry these handrails — we also have a complete selection of 6519 traditional handrail fittings. Using these ready-to-install handrail parts, you can construct a complete rail sized for your construction project. That includes endcaps, transitions and even tandem caps to go over thick balusters and supports.

The 6519 over-easing stair rail fittings add a curve for transitions between directions. These wooden transitional handrail fittings are available in several shapes for turns to the left, to the right or that are vertical. Unlike 6519 over-easing stair rail fittings, starting 6519 easings have a shaped endcap built in. The angle of these easings leaves a flat place for hands to rest on the top or bottom of the rail. We offer all of these parts in a choice of red oak or maple to match your 6519 rails.