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Stair Handrails - Solid, Wood

We have a comprehensive lineup of stair handrails here in this section, neatly broken down into easy-to-navigate subcategories of our different numbered style families. Mostly available in Red Oak or Maple, you simply select your style, length and wood species options. You'll find finger joint handrails consisting of wood pieces joined together to produce the desired length and solid cap handrails that are wrapped with a solid wood layer. This allows for better color consistency and a minimum of exposed joints. Plowed finger joint handrails have a channel removed from the underside of the rail, allowing for clean installation atop square balusters. The spaces left in between balusters are then filled with pieces of wood called fillets, which are composed of the same wood species as the handrail itself. You have lots of options regarding styles and configurations of your handrails. You'll also find bending rails and solid handrails.

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6010: Finger Joint Handrail 6010SC: Solid Cap Handrail 6010P: Plowed Finger Joint Handrail
6310: Finger Joint Handrail 6210: Finger Joint Handrail 6010SCP: Plowed Solid Cap Handrail
6000P: Plowed Handrail 6001P: Plowed Handrail w/ Fillet 6210SC: Solid Cap Handrail
6210P: Plowed Finger Joint Handrail 6210SCP: Plowed Solid Cap Handrail 6005STP: Solid Top Plowed Handrail
6010ST: Solid Top Handrail 6010STP: Plowed Solid Top Handrail 6310S: Solid 3-Layer Handrail
6010S: Solid 3-Layer Handrail 6310SP: Plowed Solid 3-Layer Handrail 6010SP: Plowed Solid 3-Layer Handrail
6210ST: Solid Top Handrail 6210STP: Plowed Solid Top Handrail 6519STP: Plowed Solid Top Handrail
6519ST: Solid Top Handrail 6002: Solid Handrail 6310ST: Solid Top 3-Layer Handrail
6002: Solid Handrail
Price: $131.23
6310STP: Plowed Solid 3-Layer Handrail 6010B 7-Layer Bending Rail w/ Moulding 6210B 8-Layer Bending Rail w/ Molding
6310B 10-Layer Bending Rail w/ Molding 6011B 9-Layer Bending Rail w/ Molding 6519B 8-Layer Bending Rail w/ Molding