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lnstalling a Starting Newel in an Over-thePost Stairway with a Bullnose Starting Step

Now that your starting step is assembled and dry fit to the stairway, place the template (supplied with the volute or turnout fitting) on the tread and on the baluster line. Following the template instructions, mark baluster and newel positions.

Using the Crown Heritage Starting Newel Attachment Kit (#3072), install your newels. Locate the position of the newel on the starting step using the volute template. Then, using a 7 /8" drill bit, bore a hole through the tread. Attach the black metal plate to the bottom side of the tread using three screws.

Determine the length of the newel needed for your installation, and cut off the end of the square portion of the newel. Using the 3 /8" drill bit, bore a 5" hole in the center of the newel (see figure below).