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Stair Molding, Brackets & Rosettes

This section is filled with moldings, brackets and rosettes needed to put the finishing touches on your stairway railing project. You'll find shoe molding available in maple, red oak or white oak, and cove molding available in maple, red oak, white oak, cherry and mahogany. We also carry tread nosing (1-1/16” x 1-1/4”) and tread nosing with cove (1-3/4” x 1-1/16”). Both are available in red oak. All the above are sold in lineal feet, with a 3-foot minimum. Other useful items found on this page include oval and round rosettes, used for where your handrail terminates at a wall. These come in as many as eight different wood species, depending on which rosette you select. Other decorative items include plain and scroll brackets, brass wall rail brackets, and a wall rail bracket in a black, brass or bronze finish. These are all quality-made items, made to be used with our wide range of stair parts.

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8085: Shoe Molding 8095: Cove Molding 8080: Tread Nosing
8066: Tread Nosing with Cove 7037: Oval Rosette 7026: Round Rosette
7027: Oval Rosette 7028: Plain Bracket 7029: Scroll Bracket
3002: Brass Wall Rail Bracket 7027SQ: Square Corner Rosette 3027: Wall Rail Bracket
4099: Newel Drop
4099: Newel Drop
Price: $34.53