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8090: Landing Tread 8091: Landing Tread 809138: Landing Tread
8070: Plain Tread 8070SG: Stain-Grade Plain Tread 8070HMR: Hybrid Mitered Tread
8070: Plain Tread
Price: $10.20
8070SGMR: Stain-Grade Mitered Plain Tread 8170: Plain Tread 8070RTD: Retro Tread
8170: Plain Tread
Price: $30.51
8070MR: Mitered Tread 8170MR: Mitered Tread C8070MR: Plain Tread
8070DMR: Double-Mitered Tread 8070W: Winder Tread 8070W34: Winder Tread
8070W: Winder Tread
Price: $99.33
C8010: Reversible Starting Step 8015: Double Bull End Starting Step C8030: Half Circle Reversible Step
8017: Variable Starting Step C8015: Double End Starting Step HFP-WF
Wood Flooring
Price: $249.11
8810/8910: Starting Step 8815/8915: Starting Step 8210: Bow Front Starting Step
8010: Reversible Starting Step 8091B: Landing Tread 8817/8917: Variable Starting Step
8091B: Landing Tread
Price: $336.13
8215: Double Bow Front Starting Step

Wood Stair Treads

Those looking for the best quality stair treads, solid wood and all American-made, can find what they need at Stair Part Pros and at prices sure to please. You'll find your choice of prefinished stair treads (or step treads) in both domestic woods, such as American cherry, maple and red oak, as well as exotic hardwood stair treads. Plain stair treads are available in a variety of lengths, including 42", 48" and 54".

Wood stair tread options include plain treads, mitered return treads and double mitered return treads. Other options include Retro Fit stair treads, designed to be installed over existing treads when you're replacing carpeting or hiding unsightly existing treads. These can be used in conjunction with our returned ends (red oak only) to provide a more complete look to your stairway featuring open end treads. We also offer even more affordable hybrid stair treads for use on carpeted stairways where only the exposed wood needs to be premium, while the underlying can be a less expensive species.