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What are Floating Stairs?

Staircase designs are evolving at a very quick pace. You can now find many new styles of staircases for your home. Floating staircases represent the latest evolution is staircase design. These staircases are very stylish, elegant, and a true statement of minimalistic design. They can perfectly complement interior design and decor of modern homes.

Here, we will provide detailed information on floating stairs. You will also know where you can get the best deal on floating stair parts.

The floating staircase appears as a flowing sweep of stairs that look elegant and intriguing at the same time. These stairs do not really float, but appear as if the treads are hovering in the air. The stairs are installed using minimal stair parts with the treads literally appear to be coming out of the walls.

With a typical floating staircase, the stair treads are attached on one side of the wall. They are attached to the wall using a bracket that gives support to the tread. It can also be installed by driving the treads into the wall.

Floating stairs represent minimalistic design where the staircase is assembled using only the essential stair parts to achieve simplicity. Minimalistic designs convey simplicity of design that look startling and out of the ordinary. The design uses simple elements that give a sense of clean space and attract admiration. Minimalism makes use of such diverse elements as glass, wood, stone, and polished cement. Moreover, it uses clear, muted colors used with no pattern and prints.

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