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Open Stair Design: Pros & Cons

Your home’s staircase gets a lot of traffic, but it also sets the mood for the rest of your home. This means that you want stairs that are both functional and attractive. Open stairs can give your staircase a sense of space and freedom, which helps open up smaller areas and creates a more modern vibe. Whether you are thinking of using open riser stairs or stairs with an open stringer on either side, consider the pros and cons of open stair design before you begin to build.

Pros of Open Stair Design

Open riser stairs, also known as floating stairs, can create a minimalistic and modern look in your home. Their efficient design allows you to maximize your space and can create a more open feeling in smaller rooms. Open stairs also help you make the most out of your home’s natural lighting. Their design looks light and airy, and the spaces in between the stair treads allow for more natural light to fill the room.

Many people prefer the look of open stairs that include risers, but have an open stringer on one or both sides of the staircase. Again, it comes down to style preferences. Both types of stairs are functional and can create a different look and feel to your entrance way.

Cons of Open Staircases

Perhaps the biggest drawback to open riser staircases is that the empty space underneath the steps can increase injuries, especially with young children and older adults. With the lack of risers, a person can get their foot caught in between the steps, which could lead to an accident. Open riser stairs are not recommended for those with poor vision or coordination due to this. One way to increase the safety of open staircases is to include handrails, which are not always incorporated into open stair design.

Another drawback of open stairs is the expense. Open riser stairs need to be securely anchored in place because there are no risers underneath. Making sure that the stairs are safely secured can cost more than a traditional, closed stair design.

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