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What Is the Labor Cost To Install Stair Treads and Risers?

Adding new treads and risers to your stairs can refresh the look of your staircase, add a modern touch or simplify your design. After you order stair treads and risers from Stair Parts Pro, you can hire a contractor to install your new parts. Hiring a contractor can save you a lot of time, but you'll have to factor in the cost of installation in your budget. Here's an estimate of the cost to install treads and risers in your home.

Labor Cost To Retread Stairs

Ordering Supplies

To start, you'll have to order the stair treads. Treads can range anywhere from $20 to $100 or more depending on the type of tread that you order. Plain, unfinished treads are the cheapest, but you'll have to finish the wood yourself at home. Mitered and altered treads are more expensive. However, they can save you time and even money if you don't have extra tools sitting around the house.

Once you've ordered your treads, you'll need to pick up a set of risers. Risers are usually cheaper, with the price ranging anywhere from $5 to $22 or more. Note that the price can change depending on the size and type of wood that you choose. The average staircase has about 12 stairs, so if you go with a pricier option, you might have to pay a few hundred dollars for a full set of risers.

Hiring a Contractor

Some contractors offer a free estimate, and they'll visit your house and give you a quote for the project. If they charge per stair, you can expect to pay $100 or more for each tread and riser that they install. The total usually comes to over $1,000. Other contractors charge by the hour, which typically comes to $150 or more per hour of work.

In addition to the labor costs, you might have to pay additional fees. These may include the following:

  • Supply costs. This could include the cost of hardware, accessories and preparation materials to ensure that the contractor installs your stairs correctly. This could cost a few hundred dollars.
  • Equipment costs. If the contractor has to rent equipment, they might add the rental fee to your bill. The cost varies, but you might end up paying $100 or more.
  • Large stairways. The larger your staircase is, the more you'll have to pay for treads, risers, supplies and labor.
  • Transportation costs. The contractor might charge you for the cost of transporting supplies, equipment and laborers to the jobsite.
  • Permit fees. If you're making a major change, you might need to apply for a permit from the local government office.
  • Hazardous material removal. You might have to pay for lead or asbestos removal if your house was built during a certain time period.

What's the Overall Cost?

On average, the cost of installing treads and risers can range from $5,000 to $8,000. However, this isn't an exact price. Get in touch with contractors in your area to learn about the cost to add risers to open stairs. When they offer to give you a quote, make sure you provide as much information as possible so you don't end up paying more than you expected.

Can You Save Money by Installing Your Own Treads and Risers?

You could save thousands of dollars by installing your own treads and risers. However, you'll still have your own labor costs. Time is one of the biggest costs — you'll have to put everything on hold and set aside a day or two to complete the project. Contractors work more quickly because they install new stairs every day.

You'll also need equipment, fasteners, accessories and other supplies to install your treads and risers. If you already have supplies and equipment at home, you can save money on your project. However, you'll have to buy or rent equipment if you don't have everything you need to install your stair treads.

Depending on the situation, you might still have to pay for a permit, hazardous material removal and other unexpected costs. You'll still save money by installing your own treads, but don't underestimate how much the other costs can add up.

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