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How To Install Carpet Treads

Stair carpet treads add padding and texture to your wooden stairs, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. They also give your stairs a stylish accent that brings out the beauty of the hardwood. You can hire someone to install your treads, but with a few easy steps, you can perform stair carpet installation at home for free. Here's how to install carpet on stairs.

How To Install Carpet on Stairs

1. Count Your Stair Treads

Before you get started, count your stair treads and make sure that you have enough. Gather all the supplies that you need for carpeting stairs, including a measuring tape and double-sided tape. You don't want to suddenly realize in the middle of your project that you don't have everything you need.

2. Clean Your Stairs

Wipe the stairs with a damp cloth, then wait for the wood to dry. If you have dried stains on the stairs, scrub them off until the stairs look new again. This ensures that the treads fit securely on the wood without interference from dirt or debris.

3. Measure the Stairs

Measure your stairs with the measuring tape, then use the measurements to align the treads evenly on the stairs. If they don't line up perfectly, the treads will look sloppy and uneven. You can arrange your stair treads however you want, but most people place them in the center of the stair with wood showing on either side. This balances the color and texture of the treads with the sleekness of the wood.

4. Add the Double-Sided Tape

Turn the stair treads over, then add two strips of double-sided tape to the back. Place the tape near the wide horizontal edges. When you apply the tape, don't align it directly with the edges — leave some space so the tape doesn't peek out underneath.

5. Peel Off the Tape Backing

If you're placing the treads flat on the stairs, peel the backing off both pieces of tape. If you're folding the treads over the top and front of the stairs, peel off the first piece of tape. Either way, turn the tread over and use the measuring tape to ensure that it's lined up perfectly. Don't press down on the tape just yet.

6. Apply the Treads

For smaller treads, press the tread against the stairs to secure it in place. If you're covering the top and front of the stairs, press down on the first piece of tape, then carefully fold the tread over the front of the stairs. Remove the backing on the second piece of tape and press the tread against the hardwood. Make sure the treads line up with the stairs at a right angle.

7. Repeat the Process

Repeat the process with every tread until you've carpeted your stairs.

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