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The Different Types of Wood for Stair Parts

When it comes to choosing wood for your staircase, you need to make sure that you pick the one that fits well with your home’s interior décor. There are a variety of wood types available in the market; each one of it carries its own charm and elegance. Let’s take a look at the different wood options that you will come across while shopping for stair parts and stair parts online.

Maple Wood for Stairs

If you are looking for a wood with bird’s eye or wavy grains, then maple wood should be your choice. Maple wood is extremely hard and finishes well to fit into a modern home. Hard maple comes is available in different colors including off-white, reddish, brownish-red, and light brown. Soft maple on the other hand has straight-grains and is available in a whitish-gray shade, light brown, and dark brownish-red.

Red Oak Stairs

Red oak is a beautiful type of wood that can make your staircase look fabulous. Red oak is extremely strong and durable, and has a pronounced open grain. This wood has a reddish color to it, which provides a great look after finish.

Stair Parts of White Oak

White oak has similar properties as red oak. It is rigid, strong, and extremely durable but its open grain is not as pronounced as red oak. White oak does not shrink and resists warping. This wood type is perfect for getting a beautiful golden look after finish.

Cherry Wood for Stairs

Cherry wood is one of the most cherished woods with exquisite markings. This wood comes in a variety of colors ranging from reddish brown to light brown. This fascinating wood is perfect for complimenting any type of home décor.

Mahogany Stairs

If you are looking for a luxurious look for your staircase, then mahogany is a perfect choice for you. Mahogany is an extremely strong wood, which resists warping and shrinking and has a very fine grain. The color of this wood ranges from dark brown to reddish brown.

Teakwood Staircases

Another luxurious wood that can make your home look cleaner and more modern is teak. This wood has a fantastic grain and is packed with texture. Teakwood is also an extremely durable wood, which consists of natural oils that help protect it from pests.

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