Pre-finished stair parts

Let simplify your project. Finished Beginnings™ from Crown Heritage is a line of pre-finished newels, handrails, treads and accessories. Finished Beginnings™ is available in two finishes-Autumn and Espresso. Autumn offers classic warm honey tones whereas Espresso offers a more modern darker look.

So why choose Finished Beginnings™? Going pre-finished means less time on the jobsite which decreases costs. No on-site finishing eliminates harmful chemicals, dust and odors. Finished Beginnings™ uses a furniture grade finish which creates a look and feel of a noticeably higher quality product. All parts in Finished Beginnings™ are made from a durable, environmentally friendly hardwood commonly used in furniture. The Finished Beginnings™ collection is available for immediate shipment meaning they are ready when you are to accommodate your schedule.

Two impressive finishes to choose from; the lighter Autumn, or the darker Expresso.  Click on the link below to see each color in detail....


302606: 1/2" Button Plug (6 Pack)

3126: 1" Button Plug (6 Pack)

3131: Touchup Kit for Pre-finished Stairs

3226: 1-1/2" Button Plug (3 Pack)

4040: 3" Pre-finished Universal Newel

4047: 3" Pre-finished Intermediate Newel

4076: 3.5" Pre-finished Box Newel

4076B: Pre-finished Base Sleeve for 3.5" Box Newel

save 27%
4091PF: 6-1/4" Pre-finished Box Newel

6010: Pre-finished Fingerjoint Handrail

6010P: Pre-finished Fingerjoint Handrail Plowed

6210: Pre-finished Fingerjoint Handrail

6210P: Pre-finished Plowed Fingerjoint Handrail

7027: Pre-finished Oval Rosette

8070: Pre-finished Plain Tread

8070MR: Pre-finished Mitered Return Treads

8072: Flooring for Landing 3/4”x2-1/4”x48” 20pc Kit

8091: Pre-finished Landing Tread

809508: Cove for Pre-finished Stairs


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