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Crown Heritage Treads & Starting Steps

Here at StairPartPros.com, we bring you a full range of staircase treads and starting steps from which to choose. Treads are the parts of the stairs that lie horizontally and are used for walking up and down. Treads are, arguably, the most noticeable part of any staircase, and wooden stair treads from Crown Heritage can make your staircase both pleasing to the eye and to the foot. One of the most important types of tread is the starting step, which is comprised of the bottommost tread and riser.

Crown Heritage hardwood stair treads come in a variety of styles, including plain, stain-grade plain, mitered, double mitered and winder while Crown Heritage starter steps can be purchased with bull end, variable, bow front, double bow front and reversible options.

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8090: Landing Tread 8091: Landing Tread 809138: Landing Tread
8070: Plain Tread 8070SG: Stain-Grade Plain Tread 8070HMR: Hybrid Mitered Tread
8070: Plain Tread
Price: $10.20
8070SGMR: Stain-Grade Mitered Plain Tread 8170: Plain Tread 8070RTD: Retro Tread
8170: Plain Tread
Price: $30.51
8070MR: Mitered Tread 8170MR: Mitered Tread 8070DMR: Double-Mitered Tread
8070W: Winder Tread 8070W34: Winder Tread 8015: Double Bull End Starting Step
8070W: Winder Tread
Price: $99.33
8017: Variable Starting Step 8810/8910: Starting Step 8815/8915: Starting Step
8210: Bow Front Starting Step 8010: Reversible Starting Step 8091B: Landing Tread
8091B: Landing Tread
Price: $336.13
8817/8917: Variable Starting Step 8215: Double Bow Front Starting Step