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Crown Heritage Stair Shoerails & Fillets

These shoerails and fillets are part of our Crown Heritage Collection meant to combine with our other Crown Heritage stairway parts. A shoerail is a plowed bottom rail, part of your balustrade system, that the balusters fit into. Fillets are wood strips, made of the same wood species as the shoerail, that are used to fill in the plow between the balusters as a decorative touch and to cover any exposed nail heads. We offer two styles of shoerail, each with a plow of either 1-1/4” or 1-3/4”. The 1-1/4” shoerails come with 1-1/4” fillets and 1-3/4” shoerails come with 1-3/4” fillets. These shoerails are available in a wide range of lengths, including 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' and 16'. They come in Red Oak, except style 6045, which comes in red oak, maple, poplar and beech. These shoerails can be perfectly matched to the handrails of your choice.

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6045: Shoerail 6008: Shoerail 6009: Shoerail
6045: Shoerail
Price: $26.06
6008: Shoerail
Price: $32.19
6009: Shoerail
Price: $32.19
6245: Shoerail
6245: Shoerail
Price: $38.49