Stair Handrails

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Our stair handrails are Superior quality from Crown Heritage, WM Coffman, and Oak Pointe. 
Most of our wood handrails are available in many wood species: Red Oak, Alder, American Cherry, Beech, Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Hemlock, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, and White Oak.

All handrails are individually wrapped in plastic for extra protection from moisture.

All items over 8ft long must be shipped freight.   8ft or less ships UPS Ground (if the total order is under 150 lbs)




NOTE: Any wood species marked *special order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, all other items shipped the same day.

*Special order items are non-refundable.

Description of Rail Abbreviations.



save 25%
6000P - Plowed Fingerjoint Handrail

6001P - Plowed Fingerjoint Handrail

6002 Finger Joint Handrail

6010: Fingerjoint Handrail

save 27%
6010P: Plowed Handrail

6010S (Solid 3-Layer) Available in many different wood species

save 11%
6010SC: Solid Cap Handrail

6010SCP: Solid Cap Plowed Handrail

6010SP: Solid Handrail Plowed

save 28%
6010ST: Solid Top Handrail

save 14%
6040 Round Wall Rail

6042 Oval Wall Rail

6100 Solid Cap Handrail

6203 Profile Handrail, Available in Red Oak Only

save 16%
6210 Fingerjoint Handrail 2-5/8" X 2-3/8" in Red Oak and Poplar

save 63%
6210SC Solid Cap Handrail in Red Oak and Beech

save 11%
6210ST: Solid Top Handrail

6310S Solid 3 Layer Handrail

save 34%
6310ST (Mahogany Only)

save 2%
6519ST (Solid Top)


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