Stair Parts Terminology: What You Need to Know

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At Stair Part Pros, our goal is to provide quality, inexpensive stair parts to contractors and homeowners alike. Additionally, we like to be a resource for all things stair parts for our customers and here, we’ve put together a small list of stair part terminology. If you don’t know anything about stair parts, then this guide will prove helpful to you.


Apron is a trim board that is connected to a vertical surface. It provides support to the edge of the landing nosing or window stool.

Balanced Steps

Balanced steps are winders (a tread that is narrower at one end than the other and goes around curves) that are distributed evenly through segments of the walk line and do not radiate from a common center. They are also known as dancing steps.


Balcony is an elevated area of the floor with a balustrade (rail system including the framework of rail, newels) visible from below.


Balusters are used to provide support to the top of a balustrade or guard system or restrict size of the openings within a balustrade. It transfers a portion of the load that is applied to the structure of a floor or stair system. Balusters are of two types:

  • Stepped Balusters – Stepped balusters are of uniform height above the tread.
  • Raked Balusters – Raked balusters follow the inclination or rake of the stair.


Banisters have small diameter that are used to reduce falls from the sides of the stairs.

Bending Rail

Bending rail is a flexible, thin, longitudinal sections of a rail that is molded individually in a way that laminating or bending the strips provide a curved rail in the composite profile of the combines strips.


Blocking are wood blocks that are attached to the building structure. It allows transfer of loads or secure the objects at points between structural elements such as joists or studs where voids in the structure would now allow secure fastening.

Bowed Riser

Bowed Riser is curved in shape to provide balanced winders

Box Newel

Box Newel is squared in section that is made as a box. It has a hollow center from boards joined at the corners.

Box Stairs

Box stairs are closed stringers on each side that is boxed in the treads and risers. It is prefabricated straight flight of stairs with closed stringers.


A bracket is a triangular structural support element. It is used to transfer loads from one element to another by changing the direction of the load. The bracket is used to attach a handrail to the wall. It connects the tread and the riser and is applied to the face stringer as a decoration. The element is attached to a stringer to support the tread.


Bullnose is applied to the edge of a moulding. It is a kind of starting step with half circular ends project beyond the width of the stairs above.

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Stair Contractors: Buy Stair Parts Online and Save 15%

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As a stair contractor, you can find numerous manufacturers that offer stair parts at different prices and quality. However, it is important that you contact a reliable seller that offers the best quality stair parts at the most affordable prices.

Buying stair parts online is the best option to save money and reduce the total cost of the stairs. Below are three great tips to get the best deal when purchasing stair parts online.

1. Find an Authorized Merchant

Before selecting a particular stair parts dealer, you must make sure that you are buying the stair parts from a reputable online dealer that provides quality stair parts. Know that not all online stair parts dealers offer genuine and quality stair parts. Certain dealers try to sell stair parts that are either broken or are in poor condition. This can result in great amount of loss to you.

Buying stair parts from a reliable online dealer will ensure that you get the best quality stair parts that have been manufactured to match up with factory standards and are in robust condition. The following are some of the ways you can ensure that you are sourcing the spare parts from reliable seller.

  • Net Merchant – One way you can ensure reliability of the stair parts dealer is to confirm that it is a verified Authorize.Net merchant. Dealers that are Authorize.Net merchants offer the highest level of transaction processing security. Buying from these online dealers ensures complete privacy of customer information and reduced chance of online fraud.
  • High BBB Ratings – BBB (Better Business Bureau) is an online rating agency that rates online firms based on the level of customer satisfaction. BBB ratings range from A+ for the best quality customer service to F that represents lowest quality customer service. In order to ensure that you get the best quality product, you must select an online dealer that has a BBB rating of A+ or A.
  • SMA Certified Dealer – SMA (Stair Way Manufacturers Association) is the stair builders and manufacturers association. The agency offers certification programs to architects, builders, and manufactures. An SMA certified online dealer offers the best quality stairs parts that conform to strict quality standards.

2. Compare Online Suppliers

After you have filtered a list of reputable online providers, you must compare their prices and product offering. Look for stair parts dealers that offer comprehensive warranties and special discounts on the stair parts to contractors. Also, find out if they offer a generous return policy in case of defective products. Comparing different online dealers before making a purchase will ensure that you get the best deal on stair parts.

3. Years of Experience

Finally, you must find a contractor that has years of experience in dealing with stair parts. Experienced firms are more likely to provide high quality stair parts to the complete specification of professional contractors.

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What are Floating Stairs? Parts for Floating Stairs

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Staircase designs are evolving at a very quick pace. You can now find many new styles of staircases for your home. Floating staircases represent the latest evolution is staircase design. These staircases are very stylish, elegant, and a true statement of minimalistic design. They can perfectly complement interior design and decor of modern homes.

Here, we will provide detailed information on floating stairs. You will also know where you can get the best deal on floating stair parts.

Floating Stairs: What Are They?

The floating staircase appears as a flowing sweep of stairs that look elegant and intriguing at the same time. These stairs do not really float, but appear as if the treads are hovering in the air. The stairs are installed using minimal stair parts with the treads literally appear to be coming out of the walls.

With a typical floating staircase, the stair treads are attached on one side of the wall. They are attached to the wall using a bracket that gives support to the tread. It can also be installed by driving the treads into the wall.

Floating stairs represent minimalistic design where the staircase is assembled using only the essential stair parts to achieve simplicity. Minimalistic designs convey simplicity of design that look startling and out of the ordinary. The design uses simple elements that give a sense of clean space and attract admiration. Minimalism makes use of such diverse elements as glass, wood, stone, and polished cement. Moreover, it uses clear, muted colors used with no pattern and prints.

Where Can I Buy Floating Stair Parts In The US Online?

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Stair Part Pros | Featured Discount Stair Parts

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Stair Part Pros is dedicated to helping individuals, contractors, and builders fulfill their stair parts needs. Cost is a major concern for almost all stair part buyers and we believe that our customers should get the best price for their stair parts, but that quality does not need to be sacrificed in the process. That’s why all of our quality stair parts products are offered at unbelievably low prices.

Below, you will find some of our featured discounted stair parts that you can buy at very low prices.


14mm Cast Iron Flat Shoe is an elegantly designed square baluster that is 1-1/16″ height, fits 9/16″ square baluster. It does not have a set screw and is available only in Dark Champagne. You can buy this high quality iron baluster available in limited quantity at a very low price.


Another featured stair part is the large iron scroll baluster. The iron baluster is a solid bar with 5-7/8″ Width, 22-3/8″Length scroll, 1/2″ x 1/2″ size bar, and 44-3/32″ height.  The iron baluster is available in Dark Champagne with matching shoes.


Hammered iron baluster is a beautiful hammered iron plain baluster. The size of the iron baluster is 45-1/4″ X 9/16″. It is also available in ‘Dark Champagne’ with matching shoes.


Hammered iron double knuckle baluster is another beautiful hammered baluster with double “spooned” and double knuckled baluster. The size of the baluster is 45-1/4″ X 9/16″. It is only available in ‘Dark Champagne’ with matching shoes.


Finally, hammered iron single knuckle baluster is another beautiful hammered iron. It is “spooned” with a single knuckle baluster. Size of this baluster is 45-1/4″ X 9/16″ that is available in ‘Dark Champagne’. You can also find matching shoes with the iron baluster.

Note that the featured discounted items listed above are sold “As-Is” with no refunds or returns. Our widest selection of stair parts can fulfill all kinds of needs for staircase projects. We have partnered with Crown Heritage, the leading stair parts systems manufacturer in the US. Crown Heritage stair parts feature modern technological innovations including EasAlign® and Crown System®.

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Buy Crown Heritage Stair Parts Online

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Homeowners and general contractors always want to buy the best quality staircases for their homes or projects. Rightfully so, as the type of staircase you choose will greatly affect the overall appearance of your home. Good quality stairs with elegant design, beautiful carvings, and perfect finish can certainly enhance the appeal of any house.

Stair parts are the building blocks of the staircases. And when it comes to best quality bespoke stair parts, Crown Heritage is a reliable name that you can trust. At Stair Part Pros, we sell the highest quality Crown Heritage start parts. Here, we’ll go into some more details about Crown Heritage.

Overview of Crown Heritage Stair System

Crown Heritage is a USA based company that has been manufacturing quality stair systems for about half a century. The beauty and style of Crown Heritage iron and woods stair collection are truly exquisite, which is what makes it a preferred residential stair case system for builders and contractors.

Crown Heritage began its operations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina about 30 years ago.   It offers the best quality stair systems that embody craftsmanship and traditions of a region that has been known to produce the best quality furniture.

Crown Heritage stair parts are made according to strict quality standards. The stair parts conform to building codes and are made to last for a long time. The stair system features leading innovations such as EasAlign™ and Crown System® that are not found in any other stair systems.

At present, Crown Heritage is the leading national stair system producer. The company manufactures around thousands of components in its production facility located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The attention to detail, industry leading technology, and broader product offering makes it the best choice for stair builder and contractors.

Crown Heritage stair parts are offered in warm hues of Oak, Cherry, Maple, Beech, and Hemlock. All the stair parts feature unique styles and outstanding heritage. The national stair case manufacturer leverages its exceptional skills and years of experience in providing the best quality stair parts.

How to Get the Best Deal on Crown Heritage Stair Parts

Stair Part Pros has teamed up with Crown Heritage to offer great deals on stair systems. You can get the best deal on Crown Heritage stair parts by purchasing it online from Stair Part Pros.

Stair Part Pros is your online resource for quality, inexpensive stair parts. Our company and parent company have 20+ years in the stair industry and we are proud to offer Crown Heritage stair parts online. In addition to our lower prices, we offer the following stair part discounts:

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Carpet Stairs or Wood Stairs? Choosing the Best Stair for You

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The staircase is a vital part of your home that gets a lot of traffic. That is why it is important to consider what type of materials are best fit for your needs before you start to build. There are a number of things to consider when you are deciding between carpet or wood stairs in your home. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the key to making the right choice is looking at your options while keeping your family’s needs and budget in mind.

Choosing Carpet Stairs

Carpet stairs are often the best choice for families because they offer better safety and noise reduction qualities that are not found in wood stairs. Carpeted stairs offer homeowners many benefits, including:

  • Provides better footing – The grip and friction provided by the carpet helps reduce the chances of falling. Carpet is also an excellent shock absorber, which reduces stress on joints. For both of these reasons, carpeted stairs are often the best option for homes with young children and older adults.
  • Offers noise insulation – Carpet helps provide some soundproofing in your home. This reduces the loud stomping sounds that can often occur when family members are running up and down the stairs.
  • Creates an inviting appearance – Carpeting can also create a warm and inviting appearance. This is great for front entrance staircases that set the mood for the rest of your home.

Though carpet stairs have many benefits, they can create problems for those with asthma or allergies because they tend to collect dust and allergens. They are also harder to keep clean, as maintaining your carpet stairs requires regular vacuuming and shampooing.

Choosing Wood Stairs

Though wood stairs may not offer the same benefits as carpeted stairs, they are still an appealing option for homeowners. Some of the advantages of wood stairs include:

  • A variety of customization options – There are many options for finishing and stain options for wood stairs. This allows homeowners to customize the look of the staircase in order to blend with or complement the home’s woodwork.
  • Enhanced durability – Wood stairs are durable, and they can be refinished to restore the beauty of the wood and repair minor damages.
  • Easy to keep clean – Wood stairs are less labor intensive when it comes to cleaning. You can keep your staircase clean by simply wiping a damp cloth over the stairs. They also do not trap allergens and dust the way that carpet stairs do.

Many people prefer the look of beautifully finished wood stairs to that of carpet. In the end, you should make your decision based on your family’s needs and preferences.

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After you have chosen the best type of stair for your home, it is time to build your new staircase. You can get all of your stair parts online today from StairPartPros. With thousands of stair parts available online, we carry everything you need for your next project. We also offer special pricing and discounts for contractors.

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How to Install Stair Parts | Read the StairPartPros Installation Guide

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The staircase is an integral part of any home, both functionally and aesthetically. Though many skilled carpenters and professional contractors may avoid the challenge of installing stair parts, stairway construction can truly add to the value of a home’s interior. If you would like to learn how to install stair parts, Crown Heritage, a trusted name in stair systems, offers a step-by-step guide to constructing a stairway.

This helpful and easy-to-read manual offers contractors and skilled DIYers detailed information on how to install stair parts in a way that is easy to understand. Below, we will highlight some of the information that can be found in the Step-By-Step Stairway Construction Guide from Crown Heritage.


The introduction explains how the step-by-step system works and gives a little more background on Crown Heritage stair parts. This intro will give you some basic facts about staircases and stairway construction.

Section A: Layout and Construction of the Rough Stair Carriage

Section A provides 7 steps for those who intend to design and build a stairway from scratch. Reviewing this section can also be helpful for those who are constructing a balustrade on an existing stairway or remodeling the staircase.

Section B: Layout and Construction of the Balustrade

Section B offers detailed information on the layout and construction of the balustrade. This section lays out the process in 12 steps, which cover adding the balustrade, newels, balusters, and handrail to the stairway.


The appendices offer additional information to help you with your staircase project. This information includes:

  • Bending Rail Installation
  • Troubleshooting Reference
  • Hardware Installation Instructions
  • The Promenade Series
  • 4” Sphere Rule Table

Ultimately, this guide is helpful for those who are new to stair part installation. For help with your next staircase project, be sure to check out this guide and our other resources.

Buy Quality Stair Parts Online

Now that you have armed yourself with helpful resources on how to install stair parts, it is time to buy supplies. You can buy stair parts and any other materials you need for your next staircase project online from StairPartPros. We also offer special pricing and discounts on stair parts for contractors.

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Open Stair Design: Pros & Cons

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Your home’s staircase gets a lot of traffic, but it also sets the mood for the rest of your home. This means that you want stairs that are both functional and attractive. Open stairs can give your staircase a sense of space and freedom, which helps open up smaller areas and creates a more modern vibe. Whether you are thinking of using open riser stairs or stairs with an open stringer on either side, consider the pros and cons of open stair design before you begin to build.

Pros of Open Stair Design

Open riser stairs, also known as floating stairs, can create a minimalistic and modern look in your home. Their efficient design allows you to maximize your space and can create a more open feeling in smaller rooms. Open stairs also help you make the most out of your home’s natural lighting. Their design looks light and airy, and the spaces in between the stair treads allow for more natural light to fill the room.

Many people prefer the look of open stairs that include risers, but have an open stringer on one or both sides of the staircase. Again, it comes down to style preferences. Both types of stairs are functional and can create a different look and feel to your entrance way.

Cons of Open Staircases

Perhaps the biggest drawback to open riser staircases is that the empty space underneath the steps can increase injuries, especially with young children and older adults. With the lack of risers, a person can get their foot caught in between the steps, which could lead to an accident. Open riser stairs are not recommended for those with poor vision or coordination due to this. One way to increase the safety of open staircases is to include handrails, which are not always incorporated into open stair design.

Another drawback of open stairs is the expense. Open riser stairs need to be securely anchored in place because there are no risers underneath. Making sure that the stairs are safely secured can cost more than a traditional, closed stair design.

Get Your Stair Parts Online Now from the Pros

If you are ready to start designing and building the perfect open staircase, StairPartPros is your go-to for cheap stair parts online. We carry thousands of quality stair parts to help you with any stair project, which you can conveniently browse and buy on our website. From stair handrails to wood stair treads, we have everything you need for your next staircase project.

If you are ready to buy stair parts online for your open staircase, check out our inventory or contact us for more information on our products.

Historical Inspirations for Staircase Design Ideas

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Your staircase design says a lot about your personal tastes and preferences. Ultimately, you want a staircase that fits your style and personality, while also blending with or complementing the rest of your interior design. Some people prefer a contemporary look, but a staircase with a historic twist can help add charm and a little more character to your home. Below, we discuss some ways to give your staircase a more historic look by incorporating design features with historical inspiration.

Include antique or historically-inspired fixtures.

If you are going for a more historic look, consider incorporating antique fixtures into your staircase. This can help you create a unique staircase that will definitely be a conversation piece. To conserve costs, you may also want to look for new fixtures that have a historically-inspired design.

Introduce lighting with a vintage feel.

You can also incorporate antique lighting fixtures into your stairway design to give it more character. Adding lighting to your staircase is a great way to increase both safety and functionality. You can look for historic lighting fixtures at an antique store or auction or browse new fixtures that are designed to recreate old looks.

Incorporate salvaged wood into your staircase design.

Using salvaged wood can also help give your staircase a more historic look. Salvaged wood is typically easy to find, and it can be incorporated into any part of the staircase. This material can create warmth and give your home a more eclectic aesthetic. Salvaged wood also makes your stairs truly one of a kind.

Use stencils, tiles, or other designs to create a historic look.

Yet another way to craft a historically inspired staircase is by using stencils or tiles to recreate your favorite historic designs. You can use stencils to develop patterns that are reminiscent of design styles from your favorite time periods. Using tiles or other material to create patterns or mosaics on the stair risers is another way to give your stairs a historic look by introducing some antique charm.

Find Stair Parts Now at StairPartPros

Are you ready to build the staircase of your dreams? If you are looking to design and build a historically inspired staircase in your home, look no further than StairPartPros. We have been providing a wide selection of quality stair parts for over two decades, and you can conveniently find everything you need for your staircase project on our website.

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Resources for Stair Contractors

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Even the most seasoned professional contractors need a little help when they begin a new project. There are many resources for stair contractors that help make the stairway construction process a bit more efficient. Below, we offer some helpful resources to use during the design and construction phases of your next staircase project.

Staircase Design: Interactive Stair Builder

It is hard to start a project without knowing what you want the end result to look like. Crown Heritage®, a trusted name in staircase components, offers an easy-to-use interactive stair builder that can help you better visualize your project when you are in the design stages.

With this interactive stair builder, you choose the style, newel, and barrister, and the program shows you what the stairs will look like. This is a great way to get a better visual before you begin construction.

For Construction: Step-By-Step Stairway Construction

The stairway is perhaps one of the most important functional design elements inside the home. However, many professional contractors are often reluctant to take on a stairway construction project. Crown Heritage® has compiled a step-by-step stairway construction guide that breaks down the process in plain language.

This helpful construction guide begins by explaining how the step-by-step system works, introduces the reader to the benefits of using Crown Heritage parts, and offers basic facts about stairways and staircase construction. This is followed by a 19-step guide that breaks down the stairway construction process in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Stair Parts and Supplies:

When it comes to stair parts and supplies, is your best resource. Our parent company, Trimcraft of Ft. Myers, has been providing quality stairs and stair parts to Southwest Florida for over 20 years, and StairPartPros brings the same quality products, prices, and customer service to everyone through our convenient website. Through our alliance with Crown Heritage®, we offer the very best selection of quality stair systems and components.

StairPartPros also offers special pricing and discounts for contractors, making us a go-to company for many professional contractors. If you have any further questions about our products or pricing, feel free to contact us now.

Don’t see the information you are looking for? Visit our Help and Resources page for additional resources for stair contractors.